2 thoughts on “Kevin Vanhoozer – justification

  1. I 1/2 listened to this the other day and am having another go now. I really enjoyed what he was saying. I think it will be a good lecture to revisit in the future and appreciate more as I come to understand more fully the various stances and nuances of the various writers he is speaking of.
    I enjoy reading both Wright and Piper and think much can be gleaned from both.

  2. A few thoughts.

    *Interesting exhortation at the end about both sides being with peace with each other…

    * Through what he said, its like both the individualistic (Reformed outlook) and the NPP is all part of the same loop, though each travelling on a different carriage.

    * I liked how he quoted Calvin and I have often believed that some selectively take on board Calvin’s theology when it suits them without engaging in the fullness of the historical, cultural and sociological context of his belief system.

    I believe that Calvin would have supported Wright..as he was the pastor of the city and lived in the tension of a state church whilst promoting a personal salvivic experience.

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