Another Day in Paradise: more leaking

I really want to continue my discussions with my brother but I’m sidetracked by this body. As I was sharing the joy of conversation and Scotch with my great friend Matthew Del Nevo, I realised I was leaking – swimming in wee again. yesterday my suprapubic catheter had accidentally been pulled out and today was reinserted by the urology doctors. But with the consequent removal of my urethral catheter (you might remember I was doublebarrelled for a while), I have tonight returned to the joy of bedwetting.

I should note at this point that one of the extraordinary talents of nurses is not only to wash you in bed but to change the sheets. Try that one at home, with a 92K lug in the bed, and see how you go.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Part of my trip to urology involved a urodynamics test (another test you may not want to know about but if you do click here). Apparently my bladder is reflexively spasming, and the solution is to inject a nerve block into the bladder. I go in for a minor operation on Thursday and hopefully should become a dry sleeper. Pray for me (or, Dan, light a candle!).

4 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise: more leaking

  1. Hi Shane,
    Your comment about the nurses changing sheets reminds me of a situation about 20 plus years ago, my first job in a nursing home. Considering your openness about bodily fluids, I will take the liberty of sharing. We had a rather solid man who was immobile due to a stroke, and this day was suffering terribly with vomiting and diarrhoea we kept having to roll this poor man from side to side, changing his sheets. It just kept coming from both ends. I’m not sure if they still use the old metal spew bowls, but the one we were using had a nice little lip around the edge. Just as we had things all cleaned another vomit began, I grabbed the bowl to catch it and unfortunately misjudged my timing, I smacked him fair on the bridge of his nose!! Then needless to say we also had blood everywhere. OMG I felt so terrible. We patched him up and eventually it all calmed down.
    Glad to hear you got to spend the weekend at home. Thinking of you all.

  2. i do hear your frustrations shane, but can i just say that your body is not only ‘a sidetrack’ or ‘a lug in the bed’. in a mysterious, imago way, it is you in the flesh, deserving of your awe and respect … peace for the morrow.

  3. well put, Lauren!!

    Praying the nerve block helps! Just think of how lucky you are…not everyone gets government-funded botox 😉

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