for those of you following my blog, a huge apology – I have accidentally published an unfinished blog post that needed serious editing and that I was still deciding whether or not to send! I will probably fix it now – but honestly, working online can be a seriously dangerous thing!

3 thoughts on “apologies

  1. Shane no apologies are needed for sharing your journey with us. You are an inspiration. Despite all the hassles and embarrassing situations you find yourself in and your faith is still strong is a real inspiration to all.

  2. Shane for all the problems you have in just to get up and get out and to still keep going out is a real inspiration to all and the fact that you still have strong faith in God is so encouraging for us

  3. I’m for one glad you pressed the button….. I think it’s good for you and for us. I’m laughing that the words above show ‘wheelchair’, ‘public transport’ as quite large and then ‘bowel’, ‘Islam’, ‘pills’, ‘Hillsong’ as smaller issues you address on your blog. I think those two deserve a pride of place! 🙂

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